What is an important lesson you learned recently?

Published December 8, 2018 by Pretty Thoughts

Burn Book

“Stop Telling Your Big Dreams To Small Minds”

Look I’ve known this for sometime now but recently the true understanding of its meaning hit me hard. I’ve been on this pretty, amazing understanding high lately, in real life. I think its the book i’m reading and my high tolerance for it.

Those little sayings that they use to say and that we use to read back in the day, like ” Life is what you make it”  and ” I have found that if you love life, life will love you back”. Those sayings means so much more now. At age thirteen and fourteen you wasn’t trying to hear that. You just wanted to have fun and vibe with your friends. But i’m older now and I’m thinking, dang I should have heeded that wisdom.

But umm, back to the lecture at hand.

Stop telling your big dreams to small minded people. I know that that’s something we all have to learn. When things are going great in our lives and we’re being our best selves we have a tendency to want to share that moment with other people. So we blab and we bald and we blab. We all do! We like it. Wanting other people’s opinion is okay, It’s who’s giving the opinion that’s not. If you don’t want or like people’s opinion about something don’t tell it to them.

My success feels amazing. And i’m counting my alignment with the source as 100% of this success. I’ts been a winning streak. I’m thankful! And Of course I want to share my success and ideas with other people but its not the smart move. They say if you tell your upcoming blessings to others, it won’t happen. I don’t believe in that. What’s yours is yours! I do believe if you tell your ideas and wins to others their reactions would alter your mind. It’ll alter that situation, decision or idea, it would alter the confidence in the situation, decision or idea and the confidence in yourself about them all. Good or bad.

We love people and we want the people we love to react the way we react for ourselves sometimes. Lol, it doesn’t work like that. Nobody’s as interested in you as much as you. Period. We tell people certain things because it’s the way we connect with one another and learn similarities. But when you start talking on levels they can’t visualize the real comes out.  The mask falls. And BOOM that’s how dreams get destroyed. On a personal level, Keep your dreams to yourself. Keep your goals to yourself. Keep your plans to yourself. Keep your vision to yourself. Keep the personal personal at all times. If you aren’t sharing it with people who support you and have a mind of greatness like you keep your mouth shut! I gotta keep my mouth shut. Lol. Its been real! Love you guys! ❤





My Music Playlist’s

Published December 6, 2018 by Pretty Thoughts


Like everyone does, I have at least 10 playlists in my music app. Different titles. Different vibes. But the playlist’s I listen to the most are “Boss” & “Motivation”. I listen to these songs everyday, ALLDAY! Its like it’s apart of my ritual. I have to stay aligned with God and the Universe at all times and I have to stay focused and keep my eyes on my vision. So I use these playlists to keep me right where I need to be. IN MY ZONE!!

“Boss Playlist” (15 Songs)

  1. Bigger Than Me – Big Sean
  2. I’m Everything You Wanna Be – Young Dolph (Ayyyee, Uhh Huhhh!)
  3. 1942 Flows – Meek Mill
  4. Too Hotty – Quality Control, Migos
  5. Boss Life – Lucci Ft Offset
  6. Drip Too Hard – Lil Baby
  7. Captain – Wiz Khalifa
  8. Made For It – YFN Lucci
  9. Talk That Shit – YFN Lucci
  10. Never Lose -Meek Mill
  11. Glow Up – Meek Mill
  12. Last Memory – Take Off
  13. Young Thug – Anybody
  14. GreatGottaGetIt – FRN
  15. GreatGottaGetIt- MPR

” Motivation Playlist” (45 Songs)

  1. Intro – J.Cole
  2. Intro – Big Sean
  3. Jungle – Drake (His Greatest Album Of All Time)
  4. Sunday Morning Jetpack- Big Sean
  5. Used To – Drake
  6. Kreation – Big K.R.I.T
  7. Know Yourself – Drake
  8. Pay Attention – Big K.R.I.T
  9. 03′ Adolescence – J.Cole
  10. Mind Control – Big K.R.I.T
  11. January 28th – J.Cole
  12. Cadillactica – Big K.R.I.T
  13. No Role Models – J.Cole
  14. Angels- Big K.R.I.T
  15. Company – Drake
  16. Bounce Back – Big Sean
  17. Do You Love Me – Big K.R.I.T
  18. Wet Dreamz – J.Cole
  19. 10 Bands – Drake
  20. Inspire Me – Drake
  21. Fire Squad – J.Cole
  22. 6PM In New York – Drake
  23. G.O.M.D – J. Cole
  24. No Tellin’ – Drake
  25. No Favors – Big Sean
  26. You & The 6 – Drake
  27. Apparently – J.Cole
  28. Third Eye- Big K.R.I.T
  29. Love Yourz – J.Cole
  30. Madonna – Drake
  31. Note To Self – J.Cole
  32. Deja Vu – J.Cole
  33. Light- Big Sean
  34. Legend- Drake
  35. Life – Big K.R.I.T
  36. 6 God – Drake
  37. Sacrifices – Big Sean
  38. Star67 – Drake
  39. Voices In My Head/ Stick To The Plan – Big Sean
  40. Now & Forever – Drake
  41. Hello – J.Cole
  42. Change – J.Cole
  43. Immortal – J.Cole
  44. Neighbors – J.Cole
  45. Energy – Drake

🙂 I listen to a lot of J.Cole, Drake, Meek Mill, Big Sean, And Big Krit! They Are The Epitome Of Motivation! ❤ These Are My Top Two Playlist!


Magic City 5k Marathon With GOTR!!!

Published November 18, 2018 by Pretty Thoughts


Farewell Girls On The Run Birmingham. You Were Everything I Expected It To Be. ❤
This Ends My Season As A Mentor/Coach With GOTR (Girls On The Run) Birmingham!! I Had So Much Fun And Learned So Many New Things. Being A Mentor Was Definitely One of My Goals and Running, Walking, Skipping and Jogging (lol) A 5K Marathon Was A Great Add On To My Goal! I’m Going to Miss Leaving Work Early On Tues & Thurs to Come to Practice <3. And I’m Going to Miss Those Girls Though I Pray To See Them Next Year.
The Magic City 5k Run Was Magical. The Energy Was Goood And Elevating. People Standing On Every Corner Cheering You On Yelling “Wooooo, You Can Do It!” and “Good Job!! Woooo”. That’s Fire (Laptop Fire Emoji) Empowering! And You Interacting With People As They Pass By, Lol. Vice Versa. It Was Dope! People Of All Shapes, Sizes, Color And Age Were There And That Was An Amazing, Captivating Sight To See. This Lady Jogged Passed Me and My Girl/Partner And On The Back Of Her Shirt A Sign Read ” I’m 71 And I Still Enjoy Life”!!! Hello! She Inspired Me In Her Swift Crossing Of My Path. Then There Was A Pair, A Female And Male, Dressed In Red White And Blue. While Jogging, One Carried A Loud Speaker Somewhere On Their Body Playing Soul RnB Adding Skips To The Beat. They Were Dope Too! I Got To Dap Them Up Before I Left. You Could Tell They Did This On The Regular. The Weather Had Gotten Nicer As Time Went By. Like I Said I Jogged, Ran And Walked But I Did It All The Way To The Finish Line.
I Honestly Never Had An Interest In Running A Marathon. Ever. I Didn’t Mind Running Around The Block Or Up And Down The Street But A Marathon Is Breaking Down All Walls. Never Crossed My Mind. If It Wasn’t For Girls On The Run I Probably Would Have Never Did One. But I’m Grateful I Did. I Got To Be Apart Of Something Bigger Than Me. I Accomplished 50 Minutes Of Walking And Running With Other Great Spirits Around The World.
I Am So Grateful That I Had An Opportunity To Contribute To Girls On The Run Vision And Do My Part As A Human Being And Coach To Those Girls. I Adored Them All. We Had Our Days When They Got Too Grown But Overall They Are Amazing. And So Freaking Funny. Lord! All Different Personalities with Big She-Gos. LOL. I Have Tons Of Love For Them. They Taught Me Things And I Pray I Made An Impact On Their Lives Too. Girls On The Run Is So Much Fun. Girls On The Run Is Number One!!
Now I Am Not Gonna Go Signing Up For Marathons Anytime Soon Like I’m Queen Marathon Or Something. I Am Feeling Myself But Not That Much! The Next One I Would Do Will Be Next Year With GOTR Again. Running This Marathon Makes Me Feel Like I Achieved Being A Mentor And The Goal To Be One. And I Cherish This Feeling. Now It’s Time To Go Level.

Study. Learn. Apply.

Published November 16, 2018 by Pretty Thoughts

I Believe There’s No Secret To Success. The Information Is Always Available To Us.




A Top Are Just A Few Of The Greats I Look Up To. I’m Forever Inspired By Their Stories Of Struggle & Success. When I Think About It, It Empowers Me Because I Strongly Feel If They Could Overcome Their Obstacles And Achieve Major Success Then So Can I.

I Truly Believe No One Is Born More Special Than The Next. We All Are Special Only Different. I Believe That Most Of Us Tap Into A Power That Brings Out Our Abilities To Be Phenomenal In Our Thinking, Actions Etc, Bringing A Lifetime Of Achievements. And When I Learned That You Better Believe I Dived Head First Into My Research On Success And Successful People. That’s How I Got To This Point Of My Life (Striving For Success) Something Much Bigger Than Me!

I Believe There’s No Secret To Success. Because The Information Is Always Available To Us. No Excuse!

Everyday I Listen To These Successful People Speak, Read Their Books And Watch Their Interviews. The Trippy Part About It Is That They ALL Say The Exact Same Thing But Different (As We Are). Stay Focused! Keep The Vision. Chase It! Its Not Easy And It’s Never Going To Be Easy But If You Keep Going And Trust The End Result, Everything Will Work Out! Push Through Your Troubles, Allow Them To Mold You And Make You Stronger. This I’ve Studied And Learned From The Greats! They All Went Through Somethings.  Hate, Depression, Doubt, They’ve Been Told No. And Much Much Worse, Yet They Still Overcame! They Didn’t Allow The Downs To Direct Their Lives!

Big Sean Is Probably, Almost The Number 1 Speaker On LOA On My List! Everything He Has Said Adds Up. When You Wake Up Everyday With Your Mind On Your Vision, You Create Your Reality. He Says I Create My Own World, I Can Bring Any Situation To Reality(Manifestation)! That’s Major! Because It’s True. (I’m Not Going To Jump Into The LOA In This Blog For The Beginners, Maybe The Next Blog) Google It, Yourself First.

Karen Civil Started With An Idea She Didn’t Know Was Going To Set Her Straight For Life. She Took A Step Out On Faith And It Worked Out In Her Favor. Her Story And Revelation Is Truly Inspiring. I Love Her. She’s Queen. Jada Smith, She’s An Incredible Women But She Too Went Through Some Things That Brought Her Greatness To It’s Head. And That’s Inspiration! That Your Beginning Does Not Have To Be The Way It Ends!

Will Smith, My Guy!  I Listen To Every Word He Says! EVERY WORD! Because Everything He Spits Out Is Wisdom A.k.A Game! He And Denzel Washington! They Say If You Want It, It’s Already Yours. All You Have To Do Is Put In The Work. You Have The Smooth Part! The Universe Has The Other Half To Work Out. I Believe Them! 1000%.

That’s The Study And The Learning Of Them. Knowing How They Think, How They Started, How They Keep A Sane Mind Etc! The Applying Part Is The Habits Of Success They’ve Accumulated! Something I Express Boldly. Success Habits Are Real, Viola Davis Did It, Gucci Mane Does It, Your Other Favorite Celeb Does It! That’s How They Got To Be In The Position That They Are In. I May Do A Blog On My Success Habits But Right Now I Want You To Google Some! There Are Many  And Not All Of Them Will Work For You! BUT You Have To Find The Few That Works For You.

This Is What I’ve Done And Will Continue To Do For The Rest Of My Life To Make My Vision My Reality. Study, Learn And Apply. Not To Be Like Them Or Imitate Them But To Be Great Just As They Are! Because It’s In Me! We All Can Do Amazing Things But Most Of Us Will Do Today What Others Wont Do Tomorrow To Secure Our Future. I Never Had The Dream To Be A Huge Celeb Or Anything Like That But Me Wanting To Inspire Millions Of People Makes Me Have That Mindset. Mindset Of The Greats.

Social Media Fast

Published November 5, 2018 by Pretty Thoughts


How many of you have actually taken a break from social media just to get your life together the way you portray it to be? So many of us wake up and grab our phones before we wake fully out of slumber. I know! I wake up in my routine and jump on social media. I could use the excuse that I have to update 3 of my pages on Facebook, which is very  important to me, but  it should not be what I wake up to do.

As I mentioned, at an event for women, we discussed the importance of removing your sight and awareness away from certain people’s success to not be jealous of them while we strive for our own success. I personally don’t get upset or jealous about someone else’s success, I get overly inspired! My thing was I desired to speed up my success from the encouragement of someone else success! We’ve all been there. We’ve all done it! Whether it was that or becoming jealous or both!

Unfollowing that person you envy because of their success could/may work for you but I want you to find a way to be inspired by that person. Think of how you could learn so much from them just by watching them. The mentality they have, how they handle decision making and pressure from their success. Find the growth in the midst of it. Envy and jealousy will pull you far far away from your very own success and eventually you won’t become the person you need to be for success to visit you.

Then there’s social media fastening. This works for me. On the days I feel I’m speeding up my success from watching Keyshia K’oir or Jayda Amour I simply put social media to the side. And I began to work at my own pace! Then I’m back at my highest alignment with self, God and the Universe. I know I’m not gonna miss anything because if it was there today, it’ll be there tomorrow. Even if I skip a day or two on updating my pages, investing in my mind and well being is more important.

It is so important that you take a day or two or three from social media. My longest fast was a week and when I came back a week later I had better value. Because in the time of my fast I learned, I grew, I evolved and I changed. My ideas were better and the confidence and belief in them were stronger than before. I gained a stronger clarity of who I am and what I wanted! I encourage you to pick a fast day. This could literally save your life. Enlarge the sense of yourself. Use that time searching for you and finding what’s your work. Don’t allow social media to take another second away from you!

Of course watching other people’s success while you struggle to find yours is destructive and draw up ill feelings towards self and others. So again I encourage you, no I am telling you get away from social media! If your friends want to talk to you they can text you. If your family wants to get in touch with you they can call you. If your boyfriend/girlfriend wants to see what you doing they can come to you. Simply Decide! Everyone can dream big dreams but the question is will you? Will you do any and everything necessary to take you closer and higher to become your highest self?


Why I Think Networking Is Important

Published October 29, 2018 by Pretty Thoughts


Never think that you can reach your dreams on your own. You may have a thorough plan and God on your side but you will need people to help you in the long run. There are millions of people who know things about what you want and what you want to do that you have yet to learn. Books can tell you all the ends and out but there’s nothing like a verbal testimony. You hear people say “did it on my own” Yes the idea was yours and the drive was too but honestly no one does anything alone.

Most people do not like meeting new people, I’m aware. We have this image that people are out to get us and that we can’t trust anybody. That, which ,is true but you have to learn how to choose your battles. There are people out there that wants to see you win BIG TIM more so than lose. You just have to want them enough in order to attract them into your life! Listen successful people are always willing and ready to spread knowledge and wisdom over the next for them to succeed! They are not snobby or arrogant. They know  that they succeed by enlightening  others and they also know there’s enough success out here for everybody. There is no secret to it!

I personally enjoy networking events and meeting new people because I know for a fact its essential to my dreams. Meeting new people is not as bad as you think it to be! Trust me. Meeting new people brings value to their life and yours as well. And it means your putting yourself and your idea out there, into the unknown.

Networking is an essential part to wealth building. You guys heard the saying “it’s not what you know but who you know” Attend a networking event,  listen to everyone’s occupation or idea. Stick to the one that benefits you. Connect, get business cards, social media pages and more. After networking you don’t have to immediately (unless you want) contact the person or people you’ve met and cards you’ve gotten. Keep their card for future purposes. They can and are willing to help you. They are there for you and your questions. Showing up to the networking event (especially if you paid) shows people that your serious about yourself and your dreams. You never know what that person can do for you. Put your pride to the side and answer that call from your dreams!

Networking events are about 50/50. 50% Seasonal entrepreneurs and 50% Inspiring entrepreneurs. So you will fit in! But you’re not there to compare, you are there to learn and to connect with people that can and will progress you further.  I encourage you to discover your passion then attend as many events and seminars as you can. Each step is a step towards your destiny! Trust me!


My Wealth, My Plans

Published October 25, 2018 by Pretty Thoughts


Ask anybody what’s the first thing they would do with a huge amount of money they would probably say “go buy my dream car, shop or buy my home.” Hey! There is nothing wrong with that. My human side is screaming the same thing. New clothes, new car, new house, Grade 1 hair etc, Okur! But my spiritual side is like you have to do better than that with your financial freedom. I’m definitely gonna splurge on all of those things but that comes after I get everything else taken care of. Recently the lottery was going for 1.6 billion, myself and a few of my friends at work began visualizing what we’d do with that much money. And each one of us had great and wise intentions with it! I love that so much! I love my friends! I love that they have a vision.

Prior to the lottery announcement, I was already manifesting my wealth and my three million dollars. Imagining what I’d do with it as soon as the check was written. I said I’d clear my debt but thinking about it now I wouldn’t have any leading up to that. But I’d definitely clear all my families debt and give them a clean slate. The rest is up to them! Then I’d sit down and come up with an amount, and contract for order, to give them each. An amount that could last them a while depending on how they invest it. And I encourage them to invest in it.

My church will get a great portion. I love my church and I believe that we will need churches forever! My pastor has plans to build a life center for the church and I think that’s amazing. It will give the kids the opportunity to stay out the streets and out of trouble by coming to shoot hoops +more with the other local kids and be more physically, mentally active.

My friends will be living good as well. I have an amazing set of friends. We joke and laugh and crack on each other but when it all boils down to real life, we get real and raw with each other. And I appreciate that more than they know. We support each other 100% and that’s rare today. They all love God, I love God! I would definitely bless them! Shoot, my homey Austin said he handing out a million dollars to each of us! OKAAAYYY! Mr Messersmith! God Bless You Sir!! Shaina, my sister. I love you!

The two organizations that I’m currently with that helped contribute to my dream and others dream will get some pretty pennies. Being a mentor was a dream to me and I enjoyed every bit of it big and small. The girls from each organization are so close to my heart! I love the differentiation between them ALL. So many cool personalities, especially my elementary girls. They are so lively. Lol (Insider) I would definitely put more in than what I got out of. Helping shape Young Queens lives is my passion! ❤

Then the rest is up to me. A lot of investing in my career and entrepreneurship! Building a business of women (Influencers) to travel around the world with me encouraging and empowering other women to team up and take over the world, conquer their obstacles. I’d invest in my brand  “The Young Queen” clothing line.  I’m currently doing T-shirts now but I envision something much bigger! Yes, much bigger! Of course I’m gonna get my Audi TT RS and my modern suburban home. And shop like a mf. But believe it or not y’all, I think I’m still going to be buying $21.99 dresses, $19.99 shoes and $13.99 Shirts. I’m not too fond about the designer things. I’m for sure gonna cop some but I love simply fashions and Von maur. Lol, I don’t see that changing and if it does forgive me. Money talks. Power Talk will be a world wide thing and maybe even become as huge as essence fest! I love essence fest! ❤ I cannot wait to attend and be in a room filled with purpose.

So you see, I have a whole vision for my wealth and that’s to continue servicing people and accumulating my wealth. This is only half! But  I don’t have any plans to just sit back and relax because I’m wealthy. Hell NO! I still have tons of work to do on this earth and millions of souls to touch, change and inspire! I will never forget my purpose or cut ties with doing the things I love to do!